DLA Piper’s Former Turkish Partner Raided by Police Following the Failed Coup Attempt

DLA Piper’s Turkish partner -Turkey’s largest law firm- Yuksel Karkin (former Yuksel Karkin Kucuk) was shot down after it had been raided by armed police, with four of the firm’s partners taken into custody. It is reported that the partners Cuneyt Yuksel and Murat Karkın could not be reached as only a day prior to the police raid they had travelled abroad and their whereabouts are unknown (at last to us commoners).

So who are these guys and why are we talking about them? Well, having a strategic alliance with the Cohen Group and being one of the biggest and the most influential law firms in the world, hearing its name paired with the coup attempt in Turkey (say what?) DLA Piper and anyone/anything related to them grabs our attention. Another big name, the Cohen Group was founded in 2001 by former United States Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen to help multinational clients expand overseas by providing corporate leadership and assistance in marketing, regulatory affairs, deal sourcing and capital raising activities, has a lot more ex-politicians and ex-soldiers (and not many actual businessmen) as a part of its team and they happily assist and advice foreign lands on a daily basis.

DLA Piper, was quick to take Yuksel Karkin’s page down on their website and even further distanced themselves from the firm by saying “[DLA Piper] terminated its formal relationship with YKK by mutual consent in November 2014 but they have continued to work together on a nonexclusive basis, as well as working with other local firms.”

DLA Piper

However; In an interview published on a respected Turkish national newspaper in January; DLA Piper’s Global Co-CEO Simon Levine referred to Yuksel Karkin as their Istanbul office and one of their most successful offices worldwide. It is beyond us how the firm became Turkey’s “best” from ground zero in only 16 years. But that’s another matter.

We get that. We all had been in a relationship with that one person we no longer want to be associated with. Firms, just like people change, evolve and move forward. We just think in DLA Piper’s case it is a little bit too… how to put it… rushed and suspicious? Not so long ago (and mind you, still after the so-called “termination of relationship in 2014”) DLA Piper was proud to have YKK on her side, they were sure YKK was going to get even more successful and that they would happily sail beyond the sunset in the end.  Then there is a coup attempt and !boom! even the shadows of the dreams are crashed.


So the only question that remains is; what exactly happened between “I love you so” and “I never loved you anyways”? What prevented them from having their Happily Ever After?





http://www.milliyet.com.tr/turkiye-yukselen-yildiz-yabanci /ekonomi/ydetay/2184366/default.htm



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